Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Foodie Blogroll

Click to Join the Foodie BlogrollYou might notice a new link on the right for the Foodie Blog Roll. Why did I join? Because I'm definitely a foodie, I have a blog, and that's how I roll, er, I mean I've discovered many wonderful food blogs on the list, like, for instance Roopa's beautiful and delicious Raspberry Eggplant where she bakes the most delicious cakes and South Indian food, which shares many spices with Southeast Asian food and Khao Soi, the subject of this here blog. Which I'll get back to toot sweet as soon as I finish that there dissertation I'm working on and some chocolate I've been cooking up, another obsession of mine.

Two other blogs that I love on foraging for and preparing wild food , the reason I got into ethnobotany in the first place, are Feral Kevin, a kindred soul in Oakland, CA collecting acorns and mugwort in the Berkeley hills as I used to do, and Sunny Savage's Wild Food Plants blog, where she makes all kinds of deliciousness from prickly pear pie collected in Southern California, to making soup with stinging nettle, one of my favorite and most nutritious wild greens. She's going to have a TV show called 'Hot on the Trail with Sunny Savage' and will be on the Veria DISH network sometime later this year which I'm excited for! My friends Wendy and Mikey are painting their Greenacre Hotsprings eco-motel with that same prickly pear Sunny mentions instead of eating it. They're also doing some really cool stuff with growing plants in cold winter boxes under low-power but high-photosynthetically-useful LED lights.

Another food blog I've been obsessed with recently is Carmella's Sunny Raw Kitchen, as I've been eating about 3/4 raw food for the last year, though I may not have let on. I still can't live without the occasional Asian dish (as you may have noticed from this blog), and someday I may try to convert Khao Soi to a raw recipe, but in the meantime, I've been loving Carmella's inspiring collection of delicious recipes like Mediterranean flat bread, Tropical Cheesecake (exactly, with no cheese and no cake, but still delectable), and raw burgers made with Burdock, another plant you can forage for in abundance here in New York while removing an invasive weed, rather than pay the $5/lb for it at the health food store. The recipes Carmella collects are so good I can hardly get them to the plate or the table without eating them all straight out of the blender, and I feel really full of energy after eating them.

Hope this has given you some insight into what I've been cooking recently. A post on Udom Thai Restaurant in Prospect Heights coming soon!

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JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

So glad that you joined and are getting so much out of the community of foodies out there!