Friday, June 15, 2007

Nooch in Chelsea

Although this restaurant got mediocre reviews for its high design and for being a trendy Chelsea hang out, they had a nice presentation of Khao Soi with fried noodles on top, and a separate plate with the toppings (lime, chili pepper, raw scallions, and pickled mustard greens, missing fried scallions). It's all about the toppings! Pretty tasty, but needed a little more zest/tang/sourness to the broth. It was a bit heavy on the coconut milk. Do they think Americans are scared of sourness?! A little lacking in vegetables and heavy on the noodles in the broth. Restaurant was insanely trendy and all about the decor, but I was facing the window and didn't have to deal with it, and the Khao Soi (their spelling is Kao Soi Gai, i.e. with chicken, but you can ask for veg) was only $8. It was almost full at 8 on a Thursday night.

143 Eighth Ave
New York NY 10011
and 17th st.
(212) 691-8600

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