Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ozen Asian Fusion Cuisine on the Upper West Side

One of the most authentic Khao Soi's I've found in New York yet, up there with Pam Real's for the best, and very tasty with almost all the proper toppings, and proper sourness to the curry broth, even though this restaurant spreads itself too thin by doing Japanese, Chinese, and Thai food. This is usually the way for a restaurant to get itself into trouble, but in this case the chef is Thai and perhaps felt he had to have the other foods on the menu to bring in the people from the Upper West Side. I have heard from other reviews the other cuisines aren't so great, which makes sense. The restaurant is a nice setting to eat, with dark wood tables and paneling with illuminated wall panels that are made of what looks like huge amounts of pressed clear caviar. Who knows, maybe it used to be a caviar restaurant! The Khao Soi came with all the toppings already on it– pickled mustard greens, red onions (or maybe they were shallots. It's hard to tell when they're finely chopped like that), and fried noodles. It was just missing the fried shallots and chili sauce, although it was hot enough. I was going to ask for chili sauce (nam prik kiga for you vegans, or nam pla prik for those that like it with fish sauce), but it was plenty spicy as it was. The broth was nice and sour. They're obviously not afraid of that here! The other dish we ordered, Jungle Curry, was fine, but nothing stellar. My friend decided he should have ordered the Khao Soi as well, but instead wound up eating half of mine! They had a reasonable wine, beer, sake, plum wine and rice wine selection, but nothing vast. Definitely order the Khao Soi if you go here, you won't be sorry!

Ozen Asian Fusion Cuisine Inc
760 Amsterdam Ave
New York NY 10025
between 97th & 98th st.
(212) 678-0300

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Eden said...

This is a terrible restaurant. Coming from an Asian background, I can tell that they cut corners when it comes to their food. The food is okay but definitely, definitely not worth the price. They charge way too much for food that you can easily get for much cheaper and they have the worst service and delivery guys. I was ONE minute late for a lunch special and they wouldn't let me get the teriyaki at lunch special pricing and I was forced to pay an extra three dollars because I was 60 seconds too late. They charge for delivery and then expect you to pay a large tip and give you attitude when you don't. They forgot parts of my orders on three different occasions and promised credit to my account, which I never got. This is NOT how you run a business. Do not give them any business.