Sunday, October 21, 2007

Kin Khao in SOHO

This is quite a snazzy place in the middle of SOHO that looks more like an old boys cigar lounge and bar than a Thai restaurant, because that's what it probably used to be. It's part of the Kelley and Ping restaurant mini-empire. Pretty pricey entrees to match the setting as well, going from $13-21 and Khao Soi coming in at about $16. Here it is clearly labeled as Khao Soi- Chiang Mai noodles, nestled among several other Northern Thai/Burmese/Lao dishes which is pretty rare to see in NY Thai restaurants. The dish is fairly accurate with a nearly complete set of toppings - fried noodles, shallots, pickled mustard greens, and chilis- except the fried shallots which add a nice crunch to the dish that the fried noodles don't quite do as they get soft from the curry quickly. The broth was quite tasty but again could've been more sour, and it had a strong fermented or musky taste that I haven't tasted before, perhaps from fish sauce. There also could have been a bit more of the curry broth to scoop up, but as it was served in a shallow dish with the toppings right next to the noodles, this might not have worked. They should switch to a bowl with toppings in a separate dish.

Only Kittachai and Sripraphai that I know of are left as places to try this delicious dish. Looking at all these pictures of it and writing about it is making my mouth water for it even though I had it only a few days ago.

Kin Khao Restaurant
171 Spring St.
New York NY 10012
between W. Broadway and Thompson
(212) 966-3939

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Cassie said...

You've peaked my curiosity, so I've been looking online for places that serve this dish in Chicago and I've found many!! I'll sample this delicious-sounding delicacy and get back to you.

Oh, and here's a link to the Midwest Permaculture people:
C ya! Cassie